Developed for District Attorneys, Felonies Case Management System automates felonies cases from arrest to Grand Jury.  FCMS maintains a database of cases, defendants, victims, prosecutors, officers, and Alabama crime codes.

Preparing a case file is as easy as point and click, after which warrants, indictments, case information, and defendant information can be printed to any local printer.

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The Worthless Checks Case Management tool maintains a database of cases, defendants, victims, officers, payments received, and balances.  It prints first letters, warrants, subpoenas, case information, daily and monthly reports, and merchant’s checks.

DATABASE CONVERSION.  All US programs use Microsoft® Access® database.  We convert your existing data to Access and apply a Windows® based, user-friendly interface.

Preparing your Grand Jury docket or managing worthless checks cases just got easier, and more affordable.  Both systems store all your case information in an Access® database, and present this case information to the user in a clear, easy-to-use form through a Windows® based program.  Both FELONIES and CHECKS programs can be either single station, or multi-user server-based.  Both programs were developed over several years by people actually working in criminal case prosecution.


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