Many Sunday Schools and day-care centers use hand-written nametags to identify children and to match them with parents.  Secure ID Nametags automates this process by building a database of children, and printing adhesive labels with the child’s first name, age, and a matching code number for the parent.


Secure ID Nametags print in about 1 second.

Enter each child’s name as they come in


Find them in the database


In seconds you have a personalized nametag showing


             The child’s first name and age

             Current date and time

             And your choice of up to 6 of 10 other              items such as allergies or medications


Each tag has a unique ID number that that the responsible party will use to retrieve the child.


Plays a short “Happy Birthday”, for children whose birthday occurred in the past week.

Little DarlingsSecure ID Nametags

Press PRINT.  The nametag is printed immediately.

Register the child as he comes in, or find him in the database

Print one for mommie and/or daddy, and there’s no mix-up when she leaves.

Server-based or standalone.  The program and database can be installed on a server, allowing access by multiple workstations for large numbers of children, and for covering multiple entry ways.

        NEW!  ChildSafe nametag system is now available with barcode and scanner option.

Parent’s Tag